So we all know about the infamous “Nigerian scams” that come to our email inboxes. I’m not sure if anyone actually falls for these dumb things, all of which are fake attempts to get money from us—or our personal information or our bank account numbers or our credit cards—and rip us off.

There have been a lot of attempts over the years to expose who these criminals really are. And while I think that’s a worthy thing, I prefer to simply waste their time for my own amusement.

My overall goal is to get these people “off message.” They have their little scripts that they use over and over. I try to make them think they have a potential sucker on the line—but through stupid conversation and irrelevant details, keep the prize just out of their hands.

Me? I’m a magazine editor, engineer, dad, runner, traveler, photographer, and long-suffering (but rabid!) Cleveland sports fan. I have a unique sense of humor that will hopefully come across in this blog appropriately.

You can contact me at paulheney (at) hotmail (dot) com.

I hope you enjoy the silliness! And please pass the site on to your friends if you enjoy it!

Yours in everlasting faithfulness,




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